Are you too focused on taxes in your year-end planning? We’re proud to offer a free webinar for business customers, to show you a new planning approach that focuses on profits and cash flow – then taxes. 

Webinar: Make Profit Your Primary Goal for Year End Planning 

Wednesday, November 28th

10:00 a.m.

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Led by: Author and international speaker Greg Crabtree

Key elements to be discussed are: 

1. Labor efficiency is the key to profitability – Are your employees working with the right tools? 

2. Capital Equipment upgrades – Buying new equipment is not always about taking Section 179 depreciation. Learn when taking the expensing election is a benefit or a trap. 

3. Finance or pay cash for system upgrades? – Nobody is a fan of debt, but it can make sense when the payment matches the useful life of the equipment. 

4. Avoid tax strategies that suck cash needed for upgrades – Making maximum retirement planning contributions sounds good until you see how much cash it takes out of your business. Keeping your business healthy may be your best choice for retirement! 

Click this link to register for this free webinar.