In my opinion, Apple TV is one of the greatest things that Apple has ever made. Why? Because it gives you a ton of new ways to use your TV. For starters, you can use Apple TV to rent HD movies – Apple has the largest selection of HD movies starting at just $3.99, which is less than the price of a small popcorn at the theater these days. You can rent TV shows in high-def without commercials, too.

But beyond that, you can take whatever content is on your Mac, your iPhone or even your iPad and stream it right to your TV through Wi-Fi (as long as you have Airplay on your Mac, iPhone or iPad – contact us if you’re not sure). That’s right – no wires. Sit on your couch, or even in another room, and send pictures, videos, music and more to your TV. With Apple TV, you can:

  • Watch YouTube videos on the flat screen
  • Turn your pictures into an HD slideshow (try hooking it up to your Flickr or MobileMe account at your next family gathering)
  • Put your home movies or up on the big screen for everyone to see
  • Watch or listen to Podcasts
  • Listen to Pandora, any internet radio, or your iTunes playlists

Plus, there’s Netflix built right in, so if you’re a Netflix subscriber, just click and watch. Sports fans – Apple TV even gives you MLB games live or on demand (for MLB.TV subscribers), and free NBA Game Time for scores, highlights and more.

And if that’s not cool enough, you can control Apple TV from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Once you try it, you won’t understand how you lived without it for so long.

So what do you need? Just the Apple TV box – a quiet little device that’s smaller than a box of Mac & Cheese – and just one HDMI cable (we carry those, too). For $99, Apple TV is a great Mother’s Day present, a nice treat for the family, or just a cool way to get a lot more out of your TV. So get your Apple TV today from the friendly folks here at MacSolutions Plus. Just give us a call at 823-3085 and we’ll put one on hold for you today.