One of the easiest, least expensive ways to upgrade your Mac is to haveMacSolutions Plus install more RAM. What’s RAM? It stands for Random Access Memory – basically, it’s the little chip (or chips) in your computer that help everything run faster.

In our experience, RAM can really help breathe new life into an older Mac – and we can install the RAM for you, usually within 24 hours. The benefits of more RAM include:

  • Programs opening and running faster
  • Faster web surfing
  • Switching between programs faster
  • Completing tasks (in Photoshop and other complex programs) faster
  • Ability to run the newest OS (operating system), which often requires more RAM

If you typically have a lot of programs open at a time, or you’re working with large files, you will see the most benefit from adding more RAM. Most customers who are upgrading their RAM also choose to upgrade their hard drive at the same time – giving them even more space and faster speeds. We’ll talk more about hard drive upgrades in our next blog post, next week.