We’ve already told you about our favorite game apps and our top productivity apps. Now, we’re sharing more of our staff picks. 

RepairPal – Have a car? Then you’ll want this app, which is perfect for getting fairly accurate costs on automotive repairs. Now you’ll know if that mechanic is telling the truth.

ShopShop – Milk, eggs, butter… stop trying to remember what you need and keep track with this free shopping list app. No bells and whistles. But did we mention it’s free?

Pandora – Pandora is Internet radio that knows what you like. Just tell it your favorite song, and it starts playing more songs like that one. Give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” for each song to keep fine-tuning your station.

MobileRSS – The best RSS reader we’ve found looks great on the iPad, too. Keep up with all your news and share content with ease.

Fandango – We still don’t know what “Fandango” means, but we love being able to check movie times, find the nearest theater and even buy tickets right from our iPhone or iPad. Just remember to turn your ringer off when you get to the movie.

Facebook – Keep up with all your favorite friends, including everyone here at MacSolutions Plus.

Friendly (for iPad) – If you have an iPad, and you have a Facebook account, you need this app designed to bring them together. Look at full-screen photos. Chat with friends. Upload and download photos. Keep your account secure with PIN Code access. And if you have more than one account, Friendly makes it easy to switch between them.

E! online – “Is ScarJo Shacking Up with Sean Penn?” Download the app and you’ll know the answer – and be able to keep up with all the latest Hollywood gossip and news.

Perez Hilton – Get your daily requirement of snarkiness right here.

HGTVtoGO – watch full episodes of past shows right on your iPad. From House Hunters to Curb Appeal, all your favorites are at your fingertips.

kindle for iPad – we like books, but we love our iPad. Now you can get the best of both worlds with this cool app, which lets you look up words while you’re reading, and check out more than 900,000 available books – including almost every New York Times Best Seller.

ScoreCenter – Da da da, da da da. ESPN’s app is the quick way to check scores and stats from your favorite leagues. It’s all here, from the NFL and MLB to NASCAR, Golf, Cricket, Rugby – and, of course, the NHL. Go Sabres!