Tired of lugging around a heavy laptop and looking longingly at
iPads, Kindles, and tablets? So light, so portable, if only they had a real
keyboard! You need more than that for work or school. A proper
keyboard, a long battery life, but with the HD graphics and high
resolution display so you can enjoy your new toy. After all, all work
and no play make Jack a dull boy. 

Looking for something that won’t hurt your back or cramp your style?
Apple has a slim, light and durable laptop that weighs only 2.38 lbs!

The MacBook Air has
all the bells and whistles and capabilities of tablets, with HD
graphics, high resolution display, but it also has a top of the line
Haswell processor to make it one of the fastest and most responsive
machines on the market. This new processor also gives the MacBook Air
huge gains in battery life, with nine worry-free hours away from your
power adapter. And the 13″ MacBook Air can last for 12 hours! Perfect
for those who spend lots of time on the road or away from your power

All the joys of the internet are just a click away–Pandora, iTunes,
shopping on amazon, social networking, pinterest, and streaming videos.
And you don’t have to share it all with the world, MacBook Air has a
second microphone port for canceling out ambient noise.

Gaming has never been better with the MacBook Air’s HD5000 graphics
and the impressive speed of the Haswell processor. Now Steam and EA’s
Origin are Mac compatible, so there’s even more games available for your
enjoyment. The trackpad is a joy to use, feels natural to the user and
doesn’t leave any annoying fingerprints on your screen like some
Windows’ laptops and tablets.

If you’re looking for something smaller, lighter, and not Windows, the Macbook Air is the best fit and has the best capabilities on the market. Contact us and take a MacBook Air for a “test drive” today! You won’t believe how light it is!