MacSolutions Plus Newsletter – 12/22/11

Gifts under $100

Take advantage of our special holiday hours – our Eastern Hills Mall store is open 9am – 10pm through Friday, then 9am to 5pm on Christmas Eve. Our West Seneca store is open 9am – 6pm through Friday. Click here for directions.

– iPhone cases – we have tons of cases in stock for the iPhone 3G, 4 and 4S. Pick a color, pick a style, and you’re good to go. Starting at just $14.99.  

– The Wedge (pictured here) – it’s like a little beanbag chair for your iPhone or iPod, keeping the screen upright when it’s on your table or desk. Tons of great colors, only $9.95.

– iPod Shuffle – bright and colorful, an iPod Shuffle has easy-to-use buttons, clips right on your shirt or jacket, lets you create different playlists, and even speaks to you. Lots of colors available. $49. Read more about the iPod Shuffle.

– Apple TV – Now you can rent HD movies, rent TV shows in high-def without commercials, put a slideshow on your TV and much more. $99. Read more about Apple TV.

– iPad cases – protect your iPad with a Smart Cover, one of our designer cases, or even a case with a built-in keyboard. Sleeves starting at $14.99, cases starting at $24.99, Smart Covers starting at $39.00.

– Only You Training – great gift for parents and grandparents. This is true one to one training from the Specialists at MacSolutions Plus, to help you get more out of your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Starting at $25. Read more about Only You.

– Magic Mouse – sure, you can use the trackpad on your laptop, but a multi-touch Magic Mouse is much more comfortable if you’re on your laptop for hours at a time. $69.

– Chill Pill Speakers – Cute, colorful and very portable, these are a staff favorite. $39.99.  

– MacSolutions Plus gift cards – available in any amount 

Questions? Comments? Just let us know. At MacSolutions Plus, we’re always here to help you. If you have any questions, you can stop by either one of our stores (in Eastern Hills Mall or in West Seneca), email us, or call 716-823-3085.