iPads are
the de facto standard when it comes to tablet computing. Nothing even
comes close to owning an iPad. Surface tablets are way behind and
Android tablets are hard to use. With the release of iOS 7, Apple
introduced a new feature called the wish list. It allows you to browse
apps in the app store and add them to your wish list. 

In order to add an app to your wish list, the app must cost money.
There is no point in adding free apps to your wish list. Adding an app
to your wish list is done by simply browsing the app store and opening
an app you are interested in. If you want to add that app to your wish
list, tap the square button with arrow pointing upward (located at top
right-hand corner) and choose Add to Wish List. You have the option of
also gifting the app as well. Rinse and Repeat this process for all apps
you wish to add to your wish list.

Now that you have added a list of apps to your wish list, you can
review or delete items from your wish list at any point in time. Simply,
go back to the main app store page, and find the icon that has 3
periods and lines. It is located at the top right-hand corner to the
left of the Search bar. Tap this icon and your wish list appears. Tap
the price of the app to the right of the app in your wish list to
purchase. Remove an app from your list by tapping the circle to the left
of an app; a blue check appears. Finally, tap Deleted (in red) to
remove the app.

Wish List is a great feature in iOS 7 that allows you to create a
list of apps you may want to purchase at a later date. Please visit our store and take an iPad for a test drive to see this new feature.