OS X Mavericks is the new operating system (software) for the Mac. It makes sure everything runs smoothly and is easy to use.

Mavericks App Store

Mavericks replaces OS X Mountain Lion, which is the operating system you’re probably using now on your Mac, unless you’re still using Snow Leopard or another older system.

Mavericks is available now as a FREE upgrade for anyone running OS 10.6.8 (or newer) on supported hardware. Click the apple in the top left corner of your Mac, then click “About this Mac” to see what
version you’re running.

Mavericks is free?

Yes, Mavericks is free. And free is good, right? Actually, it’s pretty awesome, since it includes 200 new features,

  • Better maps
  • Updated calendar – put in an address for an event and get weather and a map!
  • iBooks
  • And more

Free software upgrades (including iWork and iLife) are just another reason why Macs cost less in the long run than other computers.

Read more about what Mavericks offers.

Should I upgrade?

Yes. Just make sure you back up your computer first to an external hard drive or an online service. Click
to learn about backing up to an external hard drive. Click to read about backing up to an online service.

Also, note that older versions of iPhoto will NOT work with Mavericks. You will have to update your iPhoto (it should be free through the app store unless you’re working on an older Mac – we’ll have a blog post soon about iLife, which includes iPhoto).


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