The answer is yes and the cost is nothing. You can upgrade to the new OS X Mavericks operating system (software) for free if you’re running OS 10.6.8 (or newer) on supported hardware. Just go to the App Store on
your Mac and check for updates. To see what version you’re currently running, just click on the apple in the top left corner of your Mac. Then, click “About this Mac.”

Mavericks App StoreAccording to Apple, you should be able to install Mavericks
if you have:

  • iMac (going back to mid-2007)
  • MacBook Air (from late 2008 forward)
  • MacBook Pro (mid/late 2007 and newer)
  • Mac Mini (from early 2009 forward)

Don’t forget to back up!

Find out all about Mavericks here. Upgrading to Mavericks will make your Mac run smoother for sure, but you should remember to back up your computer to an external hard drive or an online service first. Also, if you have an older version of iPhoto, it unfortunately will  not work with Mavericks. Updating iPhoto should be free though, if you have a newer Mac.

If you run into any trouble during your upgrade, we’re here to help. Stop into MacSolutions Plus at the Eastern Hills Mall in Williamsville or give us a call at (716) 823-3085. You can email us too.