MBP13RD-MBP15RD_Combo_SCREENMBP13RD-MBP15RD_Combo_SCREENScreen-Shot-2013-11-15-at-10.29.04-AM.pngThe new MacBook Pro with Retina Display features Iris graphics and an amazing display. Seriously – you have to see it to believe it, with over 4 million pixels in the 13-inch model and over 5 million pixels in the 15-inch model.MBP13RD-MBP15RD_Combo_SCREENMBP13RD-MBP15RD_Combo_SCREEN

Plus, the all-flash architecture is streamlined for speed with quad-core Intel processors. Every time you think Macs can’t get any faster, they do. That’s just one thing we love about them.

$200 less than before

Here’s another thing we love – the highest-resolution notebook ever is available at MacSolutionsPlus in Williamsville for $200 less than its predecessor. It’s incredibly light and thin. Not quite as light and thin as the MacBook Air – but it’s definitely close.

The MacBook Pro 13-inch and the 15-inch model both come equipped with exceptional battery life (over 7
hours), two Thunderbolt ports for connecting with high-performance devices and a serious processor upgrade. Faster SSD drives mean more fun for you.

Stop in to MacSolutions Plus in the Eastern Hills Mall. If you have questions, please call us at (716) 823-3085 or send us an email.