You hear stories of people getting an Apple computer and loving it,
but you don’t see why you should change. After all, at work you use the
other kind of computer. Why mess things up now? Your kids prefer Apple,
but they are that younger tech generation. Why purchase an apple computer instead of the other one? Why make a change in your life now?

There are 5 reasons everyone should purchase an Apple computer instead of that other one!

Number 1: You said you have kids who want an Apple computer and are
probably used to them at school. After all, more and more teachers are
using iPads in classrooms. You can save yourself and everyone else
confusion in papers that your kids do for school. If they work on an
Apple at school, they are probably working in Pages. Then they get home
and you have to download a translator and format is lost, …. You get
the picture. Why not get an Apple computer and have Pages for your kids
and you can even get Word for your business work. You can have both on
an Apple! 

Number 2: Education, Education, Education! Apple is known for
education apps and programs. Your kids need to use technology, it’s how
they learn. The Apple computers are known for a multitude of tutoring
apps, graphing apps, calculators, and grammar apps. Wouldn’t it be nice
to have tutoring software for your kids, and have graphing apps for your
business presentations?

Number 3: Ever get frustrated with waiting for the computer to start
up? Check out an Apple and end that frustration! Your Apple computer
starts right away and you don’t have to wait. Just think how nice it
would be to get rid of one thing that frustrates you – the computer wait

Number 4: While Apple computers are not exempt from getting a virus,
it is rare. You would be much more protected with an Apple computer than
with something else.

Number 5: Fun, Fun, Fun! Check out the fun programs that run on
Apple. You can make family movies, you can play games, …. Even more,
you can use Apple TV and have family fun with your Apple on your large
television screen.

Ready to make the leap and get an Apple instead of the other one? Contact us today and let us help you make that leap