If you buy a Mac with AppleCare from MacSolutions Plus, you can bring it in for free dust cleaning as part of a yearly tune-up. Whether you live in Buffalo, Amherst or Cheektowaga, we’re just minutes away. 

Watch the video above to learn more, or read the transcript, below:  


Garret from MacSolutions Plus talking a little bit about, some of the
services we offer her at MacSolutions Plus. One of the easiest things you can
do to upkeep your computer and keep it running full speed is cleaning it. You
know, just blow it out every once in a while. We
actually have an air tank here. One of the things you have to be careful of
using a home air tank is there’s moisture in that line. So, actually, back at
our tank we have a filter that takes out the moisture. So, we’re not blasting, miniature water molecules onto the board and causing a problem

have an example here of a machine that just came in. A clean machine is a
fast machine. So, if your fan is running at full speed, keeping that CPU cool,
and your video card and everything else, your machine’s just going to run faster
and better.

One of the services we do offer in the Mac tune-up is we do this for you on a yearly basis for free, if you buy a machine from us with
AppleCare. Just to give you an idea of how much dust can accumulate in
your computer, we’re going to blow it out with our filtered lines, so
we’re not blasting water on the machine. It’ll give you an idea of how much
dust can accumulate inside your machine. 

there you go. It only takes a couple of minutes to keep your computer clean,
running at optimum speed, because a cool computer is a happy computer. We’d be
happy to do this for you as part of the tune-up. But at minimum, you know,
do-it-yourself, especially if it sets on the floor or on the carpet, it’ll pick
up dirt much faster than, you know, say an iMac sitting on your desk. It’s
great to keep your computer clean. It’ll run fast at all times.