Can you keep up? With so many new products coming from Apple this season, just in time for Christmas of course, you may be asking: what is the iPad Mini with retina display, and what can it do for me? Further, how is it better than the current iPad Mini? For answers, read on.

As reported on The Verge, the upgrade can be boiled down quite succinctly:

The new screen’s resolution is 2048 x 1536 — matching
that of the latest 10-inch iPads — and the processor powering it is the
same 64-bit Apple A7 chip as in the iPad Air and iPhone 5S.

“The one most requested feature to add to the iPad mini was a beautiful Retina display, and that’s what we’ve done.” Well done, Apple.

The new resolution essentially increases the pixel density to about 325ppi from its predecessor’s 163ppi, which is huge. This new device has tons of computing power and heaps more potential than the older version. It is slightly heavier though (not really noticeably so), but a with bigger processor comes a bit more weight. A worthy trade-off, really.

In addition to the new Smart Covers that truly are smart — check them out if you haven’t (they have magnets!)
— the new iPad Mini will also have the option of having a 128GB storage upgrade, and “will be available in either a white and silver color combo or a space gray and black pairing.” A solid offering.

You will be able to pick yours up in a rather cryptic “sometime in November,” according to Apple. Before Christmas is really all they needed to say.

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