Do you need a Mac Pro? Honestly, you probably don’t – unless you’re doing really high-end work, in which case the Mac Pro is indispensable. Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is a top-grade desktop Mac used mostly by people who are doing:

  • Video editing (the upcoming version of Final Cut Pro X is designed for the Mac Pro)
  • Rendering
  • Simulations
  • Intense image work (photography, layout, etc.)
  • Hard-core gamers

If you don’t need the power of the Mac Pro, check out the MacBook Pro or iMac instead.

Mac Pro hit the gym

The new Mac Pro gained power while trimming down to a fraction of the overall size of the previous generation. With a sleek cylindrical design, Apple’s newest innovation has Xeon processors, and twice the memory bandwidth (60 GBps vs. 30 GBps) for double the performance. It’s capable of tackling the most demanding workflows.

Inside of the striking design, the new Mac Pro is equipped with just 1 fan instead of 8, designed to maximize airflow while distributing thermal capacity amongst the processors. The vision for the future of Pro desktops is much quieter, comes with Dual AMD Firepro GPUs for more powerful graphics, Thunderbolt 2, support for 4K video (!!!) and 12GB of memory. You get Flash storage of up to 1TB and the new Mac Pro uses 70% less energy.

Coming soon to MacSolutions Plus  Now available!

The Mac Pro won’t be available until December is available now – just stop in our store in Eastern Hills Mall to place your order. But – if you need it – it’s worth the wait.

If you have any questions about the new Mac Pro, give your friends at MacSolutions Plus a call at (716) 823-3085 or stop into our store in the Eastern Hills Mall in Williamsville, NY.