If you’re thinking about a new Mac, you’re probably considering a desktop computer (like the iMac or Mac mini) versus a laptop computer (MacBook Pro or MacBook Air). But which one is best for you?

Overall, it’s about choosing the computer that will fit your routine. Each machine has strengths and weaknesses. The main difference between the two is portability. In general, if you work from one place, get an iMac. If you want the freedom to work on the go, a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is the computer for you.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air – portable laptop computers

MBP13RD-MBP15RD_Combo_SCREENThe MacBook family of computers are laptop computers, which means they’re portable and easy to carry from

MacBook Air 2013

work to home, or from site to site. You can get something as small as an 11″ MacBook Air, or as large as a 15″ MacBook Pro. All of them offer plenty of battery life, fast speeds, and (depending on which one you get) all the power you need for intense tasks like editing photos or videos.

iMac and Mac mini – desktop computers

The iMac is designed to be your work station. It takes the features of the MacBook and goes further. You get the advantage of a Fusion drive right out of the box with fast performance and loads of storage space. An iMac offers up to a 27” screen, with everything you need in one device.


The iMac is a popular desktop computer

Some people choose the Mac mini. The Mac mini is a desktop computer – but it’s small enough that some people use it as a portable computer, and just hook it up to different monitors depending on where they go.

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