You already know that Macs are fast. But what determines how fast your Mac is – and how can you make it run even faster with a simple upgrade?

One big factor is RAM – the memory chip (or chips) in your Mac. The more RAM you have, the better. And the Apple-certified experts at MacSolutions Plus can usually add more RAM to your Mac laptop or desktop – so you can be more productive than ever.

Here’s what RAM lets you do:  

  • Switch between programs faster
  • Open and run programs faster
  • Surf the web faster
  • Complete tasks (in Photoshop and other complex programs) faster
  • Run the newest OS (operating system), which often requires more RAM

Adding more RAM is more affordable than you think – and we can usually install your new RAM while you wait in our store – or we can come to your home or office.

If you typically have a lot of programs open at a time, or you’re working with large files, you will see the most benefit from adding more RAM. In our experience, RAM can also really help breathe new life into an older Mac. 

To learn more about adding RAM and making your Mac faster, just call us at 716.823.3085, send us an email, or visit our store in Eastern Hills Mall.