At MacSolutions Plus, we always go above and beyond to serve our customers. So it’s nice to receive notes like the one below, from a customer who appreciates everything they get by choosing MacSolutions Plus:

My son, Kim, and I want to thank you for your friendly,
effective service in getting Kim hooked up with his router…

My experience with MacSolutions Plus goes back to
February, 2009 when I was searching for an Apple store that personalized their
service……i.e. a staff willing to deal with the novice as well as the
experienced computer user; a staff willing to make an on-site visit, which
helps many people, but particularly the elderly or those without transportation;
a staff who listens carefully to what the customer is saying and strives to
meet the customer’s need, not just “sell a product.”  And a
store in which you don’t get lost among the milling customers.  I don’t
want to have to make an appointment with a “genius.”  I just
want to talk with a “real guy” who knows a lot more about computers
than I do………

Katie, you were my first contact person at MSP.
 Your voice, even on the phone,  conveys warmth and a genuine desire
to help the customer…. I then purchased my iMac from Tyler, who came to
the house, set it up and answered multiple questions.    As I
watched him zip thru scores of programs/data/whatever, I knew that I could
never have set it up myself.

Fast-forward to our recent contact with you at
Eastern Hills. Shawna, you and Katie seem to be cut from the same
cloth:  friendly, sincerely desiring to be helpful, etc.  Both the
in-store contact and my later phone contact with you left me with a good
feeling.  Dustin, altho you didn’t do the on-site visit, you were very
helpful on the phone giving me a clear estimate of cost, so there would be no
“surprises” when service was completed.

Garret, you did the on-site visit, after
which Kim called me to express his delight that everything was working, you had
answered all his questions, and the charge for service was less than expected.
 Your visit resulted in his joy and restored a very important component of
his daily activities.

So, to one and all:  THANK YOU from a very
satisfied customer, one who will certainly recommend you to others and return
to you as the need arises.