Theft happens.

Over 24,000 U.S. college students who attend school away from home report being
a victim of theft each year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice

Here are a few common sense tips to help reduce the opportunities for thieves
to strike.

-Lock Up Your Valuables
Credit cards, iPods, and jewelry should be stored in a lockbox or a small safe.
Textbooks are one of the most commonly stolen items from dorm rooms. It can be
easy for thieves to sell back books for cash with no trail left behind.

-Lock Your Door
Unless you’re attending Cat Burglar U, most of the kids on campus aren’t expert
lock-pickers. Simply keeping in the habit of closing and locking the door
behind you is the best way to make sure your belongings remain your own.

-Identify Theft
Many public Wi-Fi systems can
be susceptible to hackers. Never use a shared computer to pay bills or shop
on-line. Of course, we always recommend Mac laptops and desktops, since they’re much less susceptible to viruses and other issues. 

So remember to keep yourself – and your data – safe. Use common sense, and use a Mac!