In case you missed it, Apple announced a bunch of new stuff the other day. While we don’t carry iPhones (it’s the only Apple product we don’t have), I still have lots of thoughts about the new iPhones and iOS 7 and what it means:

iPhone 5S

Apple continues to innovate in an effort to make our lives easier, and does it in a completely elegant way. The fingerprint sensor will instantly secure millions of people’s data in the easiest way I could ever imagine.

I hate my passcode lock and type it in way more than Apple’s estimate of 12 times a day. So I’m excited that not only will it make my daily iPhone experience better, it will help all those people that don’t lock their phones at all finally have an easy way to secure their data.

Yes, we will have cases for the iPhone 5C and 5S as soon as they’re available

The M7 chip that will allow fitness style programs is awesome. I’m an avid Fitbit user, or should I say I was until I lost that little black Fitbit. I love monitoring my steps making sure I get at least 10K a day, competing with co-workers. Having that built into the device that I always have with me is revolutionary.

Let’s not forget the camera, and the A7 cpu on the inside taking better pictures faster (and easier). I’m not sure how Apple keeps making our phones twice as fast with just about every release, but they’ve realized that we use our phones as mini computers and adding that power is a huge timesaver.

iPhone 5C

I’m glad to see Apple is making a product ‘for the rest of us.’ It’s the gateway to buying a Mac. Once people realize how easy it is to use an Apple product they want more in their home. So I’m excited to see a lower-cost iPhone to get more of them into the hands of the few iPhone holdouts. The iPhone 4S is still the free phone? Blah… Spend the $99 dollars to get the 5C and have an absolutely amazing experience. The power, camera, etc. will make that $99 investment totally worth it.

iOS 7

I’ve been using iOS 7 (the new operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) since early beta and while we can’t talk much about specifics until it’s released (we are under a non-disclosure agreement) let’s talk in broad terms.

It’s a complete redesign. I consider myself a diehard Apple fan and wasn’t happy with the sweeping changes at first. However iOS 7 wins you over as everyday tasks become easier with less clicks to get places, and it just flows much easier. Apps auto update in the background so no more ‘243’ sitting on your kid’s App store icon as apps manually needed to be updated.

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Calendar is far more useful. I used to use fantastical for calendar but now the updated Calendar app is far better. It’ll be culture shock for people who don’t like change but give it a chance and it’ll win you over.

Free Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iPhoto and iMovie with each new phone purchase is awesome. Microsoft never brought their Office solution to iOS so Apple not only brought their own but made it free with new iPhone 5c and 5s purchases.

Questions? Comments? We always love to hear what our customers think, so feel free to let us know!