Technology advances so quickly that the average person needs to update their computer or laptop at least every five years.  If you’re starting to notice that your current laptop or computer just won’t keep up with your workload and software requirements anymore, you can save yourself time and money by carefully researching your next computer purchase before you’re desperate.

If you’ve always used a PC in the past, you may be tempted to stick with what you know. However, there are many benefits to using a MacBook Pro that you may want to consider. Here are a few of the most common reasons people switch to Macs to help you get started on your own research.

  1. The apps and software available for Macs are consistently praised for being high quality and user-friendly. Many creative professionals use Macbook Pro for their work because of the software advantages.
  2. Macs are almost never vulnerable to annoying viruses that can really slow down your computing or wipe out your computer and data altogether.  This specific reason is really important to people who need to protect their data and confidentiality.
  3. The Macbook Pro allows you to run both El Capitan (the latest Apple Operating system) as well as Windows 10.  This means that Macbook Pro users can access PC software as well as Mac software, while PC users can only access PC software. This reason alone is pretty compelling to most people who like to know that they won’t lose their favorite PC software if they purchase a Macbook Pro.

If making the switch is intimidating for you, please contact us. We love to take the time to help people feel comfortable with their Macbook Pros. We even offer free courses to make sure you feel comfortable with your new computer.