There’s nothing wrong with being an Android device user. The products that are supported by Google work well, and generally get the job done with little to no trouble. Who can argue that basic works well?

However, if you’ve never used an iPhone, you’re missing out on a world of excellence. Significant excellence. When you use an iPhone, you quickly realize how good of a job Apple has done, and how, if you’ve ever used an Android device in the past, just how much… better iPhone really is.

Not convinced? Here are 4 other reasons why we here at Buffalo’s local Mac store always choose iPhone.

1. The iPhone has an interface that is much more polished and functionally superior over any Android device. Although Google did their very best on the last OS to make it smoother (gotta give credit), iPhone still has them beat. Further, the software used to power iPhones surpasses many of Google’s Jelly Bean operating systems. Especially enough to notice.

2. The app market for iPhone is notably better than the Google Play Market. You’re probably thinking, “Aren’t all apps cross platform?” Yes, for the most part. However, look closer and you will see that most apps enter the world on iPhone, and get their updates faster, long before Android. And once you use an iPhone for its apps, you’ll understand why this aspect is important.

3. Overall, from a technical level, iPhone is much stronger than Android. Take for example streaming through Bluetooth in your car, the controls are tactile, the stream is smooth, and the sync works fast. Try the same thing with an Android device (especially a Samsung device), and you will see the difference immediately.

4. Last, and perhaps one of the most important features many users care about, is the camera on iPhone. It takes sharp and crisp pictures, has dynamic ranging, and is user friendly with no notable foibles. All one needs to do is compare a photograph taken with a new iPhone, and compare it to others. The difference is observable. 

So, for us it’s simple… we choose iPhone, and think you should too.

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