You hear a lot about hosted VoIP as the next big thing in business phone technology. What makes this more than just the next flash in the pan? Here are 5 benefits we think you’ll love of hosted VoIP.

  1. Flexible system – VoIP systems are much more flexible than traditional desktop phone systems. Whether you have a fully mobile office, accommodate a few telecommuters, or have everyone work from a central location, VoIP can streamline your telephone connectivity.
  2. Scalable phone system – VoIP systems are scalable, which makes them a good choice for growing businesses. As your business grows, you can extend your plan’s capacity to accommodate your larger team for much less than the cost of paying for additional desk-based phones. It’s affordable to get started with VoIP, and it’s affordable to continue to use it as your business grows.
  3. Outsourced support – With a hosted VoIP system, you do not have to spend time troubleshooting the system if something goes wrong. The service provider will do it for you. They also provide routine maintenance to ensure that everything is working properly and to apply the latest updates as needed.
  4. No more obsolete equipment – Investing in desktop phones means investing in technology that will become obsolete and will be superseded by newer, better tech. With VoIP, upgrades to the system occur automatically and without your needing to do anything. This means that you always have new equipment and avoid the trap of depreciation and obsolescence.
  5. All-in-one management – With VoIP, you can easily see and manage system settings for all users from one centralized location. This way, you can add users, change parameters, or manage groups from your preferred device and without needing to call IT support to do it for you. This saves time and increases productivity across the board.

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