What do you know about using an Apple for work?

Well, it’s possible that you may operate a creative business where the Apple Macintosh is the favored machine. 

Macs are popular in photography studios, video editing, publishing and many other businesses that have shown a position of Macintosh dominance.

If you’re running a portrait studio and use a Mac to fix the color of your portraits, catalog your images and upload images to the cloud for client approval, you may want to look at other places in your business where you can use your Mac:

  • Reception 
  • Accounting
  • Web development

But what if you don’t use Macs at your business? Why would you want to know about an Apple product?

  • To see where Macs may provide a great solution.
  • To explore how iPads can be used in your business.
  • See how the iPhones in your work forces pockets can become a powerful extension of your business.

Apple’s iPad was a revolutionary business product. If you have a mobile workforce that is currently using laptop computers you may be able to replace those laptops with lighter, less expensive tablets. Salesmen, trainers, inspectors and other mobile workers are using iPads as powerful new tools.

The iPhone was also a revolutionary device, a communication, mini-computer and phone all in one tool. Many businesses have large numbers of employees using these phones and an we can help to integrate these devices with Windows computers or mixed platform shops.

If you’d like to talk more please contact us We’d love to sit down with you to look at options.