Though we all love our chosen iOS devices like our iPhones, iPads, Mac Computers, Apple Watches and Apple TVs. And, most of us figure that the Apple brand itself has to employ a lot of people.

However, did you know that though the Apple Brand itself employs about 100,000 people; the apps you download and enjoy every day have created jobs for over 1.9 million Americans?

According to recent statistics, app creators, entrepreneurs, inventors and software engineers account for 1.4 million of these jobs. While the rest of the jobs, are non tech jobs for people who work to support the businesses like accounting, legal and administrative departments.

In addition, if these statistics aren’t staggering enough, Apple apps have created1.4 million similar, new jobs in China and 1.2 million in Europe.

Just How Popular is the App Store?

In 2015, the App Store saw $20 billion in purchases from the United States alone. Worldwide, app purchases add up to $40 billion, with 1/3 of those purchases occurring in 2015. In fact, this Holiday season was a record breaker for the App Store. The most popular downloads were those from social networking, gaming and entertainment app companies. However, the biggest sellers were game and subscription apps:

Gamers downloaded:

  • Monster Strike,
  • Game of War – Fire Age,
  • Fantasy Westward Journey, and
  • Clash of Clans

The most popular paid subscription apps downloaded were:

  • Netflix,
  • Match.Com, and
  • Hulu

Apple Watch owners downloaded:

  • Travel apps like, iTranslate and City Mapper, and
  • Fitness apps like, Lifesum and Nike + Running

And, Apple TV owners downloaded:

  • HBO Now
  • Rayman Adventures, and
  • Beat Sports

So go ahead and enjoy your apps, along with the seamless user experiences Apple consistently offers us, its customers. Sometimes it’s just great to know that you’re also doing something good for both American workers and American small business owners in the process.

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