Will we be seeing Apple Watch 2.0 unveiled this coming March? Rumors, leaked from China, suggested that Quanta will soon begin the initial production of Apple Watch Version 2.0.

However, a recent report in TechCrunch sheds doubt on the matter. Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin claims that although supply chain activity does not support the rumors, something does seem to be going on. He says that changes in Apple’s supply chain make everything more confusing. After all, just as we didn’t see the original Apple Watch coming, we can also miss the coming of the Apple Watch 2.0. He opines that although an Apple Watch 2.0. doesn’t seem to be on the way, something else does seem to be going on, based on changes in supply chain activity.

What will that new product be?  As with all of Apple’s new products, which are always kept under the veil of secrecy until their release, we do not know. However, it may be a new 4-inch iPhone or a new iPad. Perhaps a new Apple Watch will be released, but only with a few minor improvements, such as a better battery life or an improved camera, but not anything that will amount to an “Apple Watch 2.0.”

We also don’t know what the replacement cycle for the Apple Watch will be. It will probably be updated less often than Apple’s other products, because of its hardware requirements.

In any case, you can be sure that whenever a new Apple product comes out, you can contact us so that you won’t miss out.