Nothing beats the excitement of unboxing your new Mac. The memory space is empty waiting for you to fill it up with brilliant words, beautiful photos and fun programs and applications.

You can be sure it will run faster and do more exciting things than your old computer that was on its last legs, but are you really getting the most out of it?  It’s easy to not even know what you’re missing, because your new Mac has software that you aren’t familiar with or features that you don’t know about.

If you want to be sure that you are using your Mac well, we would love to help you out!  MacSolutions Plus is proud to offer many classes to help you become an expert Mac user. Many of our classes are free, and the more in-depth classes are just $10. There is absolutely no excuse not to learn a little more about Yosemite, Pages or iOS 8.

You don’t have to be worried that you will be embarrassed by your lack of knowledge or mac experience, we also offer classes for  the complete beginner like our Mac Basics class, as well as classes on internet security, passwords and apple mail (the mail service that is built right in to your new computer.

If you’ve heard people refer to “The Cloud” and it sounds more like a psychological thriller than internet services you can master, then come take our iCloud class and let us clear it up for you.

Whether you want to take classes to better understand your new Mac, or you realize you’d like to shop for a shiny new Mac now, please contact us.