Backup Your Holiday Memories

Do you have pictures and videos stored on your Mac?

What would happen if your Mac’s hard drive crashed, or you spilled water on it, or it was stolen?

Online backup keeps your precious memories safe

The beauty of an online backup is that if something happens to your Mac, you can restore all of your pictures, videos, music, files and more online – all for less than $5 a month.

Backup, before you wish you had

At MacSolutions Plus, we recommend Backblaze – a new online backup system for Mac that automatically finds all your photos, music, documents, and other irreplaceable files, and compresses and securely encrypts them.

Why do we love Backblaze?

  • Made by former Apple employees – the people who know Mac software best
  • Simple and easy – download and install Backblaze and be backing up data in less than a minute
  • Unlimited backup
  • Recover files from anywhere
  • Only $5/month or $50/year – a great value, when an external drive can cost $100+

Want more information about Backblaze? Come visit us in the Eastern Hills Mall orcontact us. We are here to help make sure you never lose valuable files on your Mac.

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