Garret Shawna MacSolutions PlusAt MacSolutions Plus, we’re a small business – a family business. We feel it’s important to spend time with family, which is why we’re not going to open on Thanksgiving Day. And we’re not going to open at 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. on Black Friday, either. We feel it’s wrong to continue to cut into family life by opening on Thanksgiving – or by asking employees to sleep Thanksgiving day and spend time away from their families just so they can work all night.
Instead, we’ll be offering special deals up to 50% off all day Friday, starting at the (somewhat) reasonable time of 7 a.m.. If we run out of a special, we’ll order it for you at the special price – no matter what time you come in. So you can spend the holiday with your families. No need to miss Thanksgiving dinner or get up at 3am to get that item you know the store will run out of at 3:01am.
Plus, we’ll be holding our Black Friday Garage Sale, with items up to 90% off. We know the economy has been rough and as a Mac store we always have a ton of cases, accessories laying around, and more. These are items we’ve tried, items we’ve demo’d and just stuck on a shelf. We love being able to offer those items at a deeply discounted price in our Black Friday Garage Sale in hopes that everyone can get a little tech under the tree they’ve always wanted, including:
  • Speakers
  • Docks
  • Power accessories
  • Cases
  • And much more
 So enjoy your Thanksgiving – and come on in Black Friday – anytime – to shop our Black Friday Garage Sale and take advantage of our special deals.
And last but not least – don’t forget about Small Business Saturday, which is this Saturday (11/30).