The world is becoming more and more mobile. Suddenly we can work from anywhere around the globe, using online technologies that connect us. Small businesses are the big winners of a mobile society because they can hire talent from anywhere in the world instead of just recruiting locally. Telecommuting is simpler than ever now, and it will continue to grow in popularity, because it saves companies money in facility maintenance and energy costs.

Of course, when your work team is spread all over the globe, you have to solve the problem of how to communicate well and collaborate effectively. When you want to show someone a file you’re working on you don’t want to deal with size limits in emails or wait forever for everyone to figure out how to share documents and images so they can work together. allows you to share all kinds of information in one simple, easy to use location. It is a secure way to share your entire file system and let all of your employees access it from anywhere in the world at any time. Your employees can use any device to access and it works just as well for sharing a single file as it does for multiple files.

Your teammates can collaborate right on by adding comments and tasks to files. If you want to know just how simple it can be to share files seamlessly with box, please contact us. We would love to walk you through it.