We know that the customers who have brought their apple products to us have absolutely loved the service they’ve received from MacSolutions Plus, Buffalo’s local mac store. How can we be so sure?  We know they love the locally owned service and specialized Apple authorized service sales and support, because our business has grown.  We are pretty excited to be able to announce that the same local business you love is expanding.

The new MacSolutions Plus store will be opening in the center concourse of the Eastern Hills Mall in less than a month. The new store will be bigger, which means that we will be able to sell even more products. We will also have more space for training which means more of the classes that you love.

We really enjoy being able to get hands on with you and show off new products and help you enjoy expanded features available to you through apple software and devices.  When the new store opens be watching for the announcements about new classes.

If you are as excited as we are, you can check out our website for the countdown to the new store opening, and for more details about the new location. We will continue to offer all the same trade-in services, data recovery, mac repair, device support and business services that you already come to us for. We’ll just have even more space for you to enjoy!

Please contact us for everything Apple related in your life!