We certainly don’t want to get in the middle of the food fight between Windows and Mac fanatics. However, we do like to consider our clientele as practical, discerning folks. Some are former Windows PC users who left during the Windows Vista debacle. Others have always known that Macs are the “computers for the rest of us.” Still others may be contemplating buying a new Mac because Windows 8 is a bit too campy and diffuse for their tastes.

On the other hand, getting off the Windows merry-go-round might seem somewhat daunting. The old PC hard drive with its applications, files and settings constitute an investment in time and effort, and you may still be earning some income from that Microsoft Access® database, which is so valuable that you keep two backup copies just in case.

The good news is that you can grab the brass ring of a new Mac with its unsurpassed hardware platform and great operating system and keep your legacy Windows applications. Using one of two methods — Windows Boot Camp and/or virtual machine software — you can have your new Mac and Windows, too.

Windows Boot Camp comes ready to load

When you load Boot Camp and install Windows, your Mac works in a dual-bootable mode. You run the Windows operating system at its original speed, and you must reboot to return to Mac’s OSX. All your Windows applications, drivers and device functionality are there. Boot Camp offers the best performance as your Mac dedicates all its resources.

Load virtual machine software to run Windows side by side with your new Mac

You’ll need to purchase a copy of Parallels Desktop, VMware fusion or download a free version of VirtualBox. The former two are third-party Mac applications that allow you to run Windows in a fully integrated mode with your Mac operating system. With free programs like VirtualBox, you’re pretty much on your own, as updated versions tend to lag somewhat behind Mac operating system changes.

Virtual machines can slow down your Mac somewhat, in that they place extra demands on your processor. The slight slowdown in speed, however, is worth it because you can run everything, including cutting and pasting between open Windows and Mac applications, seamlessly and without rebooting.

Want to see why Mac users love their gear so much and brag, “We also do Windows”? Contact us and we’ll show you our full line of great Mac products. Come on. You know you want one.