The Polar Vortex may be gone but going to the mall in the winter can still be an adventure.

That’s why we have you covered, with “Car Door to Our Door Service.” IMG_8830.jpg

When you bring your MacBook or iMac to MacSolutions Plus, we will be happy to come out to your car and carry it into our store.  Just give us a call at 823-3085 to let us know you’re coming and one of our specialists will be happy to meet you outside.  It’s simple and easy.

And, if you have a software issue, you might not even need to come to Eastern Hills Mall. We can fix many common software issues with our Remote Service option. We also offer on-site service for individuals and businesses.

So if your computer is in need of a little fine-tuning or a big repair, MacSolutions Plus is the simple and convenient one-stop shop.