Apple iPhone $29 Battery Program

Apple has issued reduced pricing for eligible iPhone battery replacements. Following public frustration over news that Apple uses iOS software to throttle performance on iPhones with degraded batteries to keep the phones from powering down, Apple has announced that,...

Spring cleaning for businesses

The change of seasons means it’s time for spring cleaning. After you’re done cleaning out your closet and emptying your junk drawer, take time to evaluate and upgrade hardware and software at the office. Do a technology audit and make sure you have the right...

Spring cleaning for your Mac

It may be cold and snowy outside but, believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning- and I’m not just talking about cleaning out your closet or desk, you should clean out your computer, too. Just like your...

Is Apple Watch 2.0 On The Way?

Will we be seeing Apple Watch 2.0 unveiled this coming March? Rumors, leaked from China, suggested that Quanta will soon begin the initial production of Apple Watch Version 2.0. However, a recent report in TechCrunch sheds doubt on the matter. Creative Strategies...

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