I’m probably a little late to the party but I had no idea that we could actually do signatures on the iPhone that used colored text and had clickable links. I didn’t think it would work as when you paste your signature into the iPhone it would strip all the colors and link attributes from the signature. While I was working on one of my email account signatures I got a bit spazzy and accidentally shook my iPhone. Instead of the typical “Undo Typing” option, it instead said “Undo Change Attributes”. Well this led me to a quick google search and I found that you could copy and paste your signature from your desktop email into your iPhone signature and then when you did the “Undo Change Attributes” it would put back your color on your text and save your embedded links! How awesome is that?

If you follow the directions and make your awesome email signature in Mail, then you can easily add it to your iPhone with a few easy steps:

iPhone social

Send yourself an email with your desired signature from your Mac. Now, from your iPhone, open up the email you just sent yourself. Click next to the signature and when you get the prompt click “Select All” and then select “Copy”. Go into your Settings app, select “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”. Scroll down to signature, then select your desired account. Click and hold down in the box, click “Select All” on the old signature and then paste your new one in. This last step is EXTREMELY important, shake your iPhone and select Undo when it shows you the prompt for “Undo Change Attributes”. If you skip that last part you’ll just have some images and no working links.

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Helpful hints:
• Make sure your images are small. My icon images were 1KB or less each.
• You can’t control how other people see your signature. Your icon images may just show up as attachments.
• iOS 7 is still a little wonky. My signature looked perfect for weeks but then my icons started showing up on my iPhone as boxes, however when I send that signature out it looks as it should when I receive the email. Just keep an eye on it.

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