The original name was “iOS in the Car.” Thankfully, the powers that be in the Apple executive hierarchy agreed to change the name to a much simpler, easier on the lips and ears, “CarPlay.” Last minute name change aside, the original concept doesn’t appear to have changed much, which is to focus on the ideas of simple and safe. CarPlay aims to bring you the ability to have an iOS interface from your smartphone to your car complete with text message, Calendar, e-mail, Maps, Siri, and of course music. Not only your own iTunes library will be available, but also the ability to stream music from services like Spotify and iHeartRadio.

In short, what CarPlay does is take your iOS experience direct from your iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S and provide a built-in interface display on your vehicle via lightning cable. Whereas critics will argue that this is yet another way for us to be distracted while driving, Apple argues exactly the opposite, saying that it is actually a much safer way to interact with your device, which drivers are going to do anyway. By giving you a display to use your iPhone on your car dashboard, you never have to reach for your phone and concentrate on a much smaller screen for a much longer period of time to utilize many of its wonderful functions.

Apple further argues its safety point by featuring Siri voice control with a specially designed interface for driving scenarios. To make things even safer, CarPlay can also be controlled with the knobs and buttons of your car as well as with Siri or the touchscreen display, giving you many safe options for control to choose from.

Car brands to feature the CarPlay option in their vehicles for 2014 include: Honda, Hyundai, Volvo, Mercedes, Jaguar, and Ferrari. Other manufacturers are planning to feature CarPlay in future models, including: Nissan, Subaru,  Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, and more.

CarPlay may not yet be in the Apple mainstream of products and services, but someday very soon it will be something for all the Apple addicts among us in the world to keep an eye on. For now, we here at “MacSolutions Plus” will be doing just that. We are your local Mac store in the Buffalo, NY area. We feature all the latest Apple computers, accessories, and provide first rate repair and Apple service for all Apple products including iPods, iPads and more. This service can also usually be completed within one business day. Please contact us today for more information.