Although Windows may be the dominating platform for computer games, the Mac platform still provides a viable option for computer gaming, along with the other benefits that come with owning a Mac. If you are interested in having a high-quality gaming experience, you should look into a MacBook Pro in which you have to control of how fast and powerful you want the computer to be.

Retina Display

Going with a new MacBook Pro means you are going to be getting Retina display, which will easily enhance your gaming experience because of the crisp image that it produces. Although it can be a little demanding on a computer to handle gaming at Retina resolution, you can definitely accomplish this goal.

Independent Graphics Card

When you decide on everything you want for your MacBook Pro, an independent and powerful graphics card should be a number one priority. It is the part that will allow you to game at high resolutions, and it will ensure you have a smooth gaming experience, especially for graphics-heavy games.

A Fast Processor

A dual-core processor or low-end quad-core processor should be more than enough to handle the daily tasks of a college student or business professional. However, you may want to look into a high-end quad-core processor in order to match your independent graphics card for gaming.


If you own a console, you are probably accustomed to long load screens because consoles use standard hard drives that require a long time to process information. However, with a MacBook Pro, you have the option to get a solid-state drive, which is a fast storage device with no moving parts.

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