A lot of people view the iPad Air as a toy that’s useful for media consumption but not a viable option for real work. Not only is that statement less true than ever before, but it’s possible that, for some people, the iPad Air could be a suitable replacement for a laptop.

An external keyboard and a stand are the key factors to fully tapping into the potential of your iPad. Virtually any Bluetooth keyboard will work with the iPad, but to get the most bang for your buck, consider buying a keyboard that has a built-in ledge that props up your iPad.

The iPad Air comes preloaded with apps that will cover your most pressing needs, but the App Store has thousands more that allow you to customize your machine to reflect your career and your interests. Selecting the right apps for your needs will take your iPad from toy to tool.

An iPad Air could realistically be the only computer that most students, writers, and casual Internet users need. If you are shopping for a computer for a child or teen, an iPad is a cost effective option that delivers all the things that the average user needs; streaming music and video, word processing, and more.

An iPad might not be the best option for you if you need specialized software like Photoshop. In cases like that, a Mac would be a much better choice. Even in cases where you might require a Mac for some tasks, an iPad makes a great addition as a mobile office. The 10 hour battery life and extreme portability of the one pound device makes it easy to grab and go.

Another thing that makes an iPad so tempting as a portable workstation is the ability to start working as soon as you power it on. It’s a feature that makes it easy to take advantage of every second, whether you are checking email during your commute or sneaking in a game during a coffee break.

If you think that an iPad Air might be a great replacement or supplement to your laptop or a reliable first computer for your child, contact us and let us tell you more.