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The computing power of an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch is roughly equivalent to that of a mainframe computer from just a few decades ago. Having all that power in your hand is great, but knowing how to make the most of it is even better. Here are a few important tips.

Edit the Home Screen

Touch and hold any icon to enter edit (“wiggle”) mode. Then you can drag icons on the page, to a different page, and on or off the Dock. Tap an x to delete an app you’ve downloaded. Drop one icon on another to make a folder. Press Home to exit edit mode.

Set the Wallpaper

To pick custom Home and Lock screen images:

1. Tap Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper.

2. Pick an image and tap Set.

3. Tap whether the image is for the Lock screen and/or Home screen.

Limit Data Use

To avoid unexpectedly large bills for excessive data use, try these tips:

• In Settings > Cellular, scroll down and look for apps using large quantities of data.

• Disable automatic downloads (or just over cellular) in Settings > iTunes & App Store.

• Disable unneeded background refresh in Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Update iOS

Tap Settings > General > Software Update. If you don’t have enough space to update the operating system, try again via iTunes on your Mac.

Important Settings

Here’s where key customization screens are in the Settings app:

• Notifications: Tap Notifications.

• Do Not Disturb: Tap Do Not Disturb. (To let important people through, “favorite” a person in Contacts by tapping Add to Favorites on a contact’s card.)

• Emoji and special keyboards: Tap General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard.

• Typing options: Tap General > Keyboard. Set the switches as you like, and tap Text Replacement to create typing shortcuts.

• System text size: Tap General > Accessibility > Larger Text (or Larger Accessibility Sizes).

• Darkness of system text: Tap General > Accessibility > Bold Text (and, when prompted, restart).

• Button edges: Tap General > Accessibility > Button Shapes.

• Raise to Wake and Night Shift: Tap Display & Brightness.

• Low Power Mode: Tap Battery.

• Magnifier: Tap General > Accessibility > Magnifier.)

• Add a fingerprint: Tap Touch ID & Passcode.)

• Quick access to Apple Pay: Tap Wallet & Apple Pay.

• Find My iPhone: Tap iCloud > Find My iPhone.

Camera & Photos

• Take photos in the Camera app; view them in the Photos app.

• Before taking a photo, slide to the mode you want.

• Share a photo from the Photos app—tap it and then tap the Share icon.

Improve Battery Life

• Turn off unnecessary location tracking in Settings > Privacy >Location Services.

• Disable unneeded background refresh in Settings > General >Background App Refresh.

• Dim the screen with the Brightness slider in Control Center.

• Play audio through earbuds or speakers.

• Plug your device into power when relying on GPS navigation.

• Don’t leave your device outside in extreme weather. Ideal temperatures

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