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In most ways, Photos for Mac is a reincarnation of iPhoto. A few organizational features have been lost, the interface is more refined, deep connections to iCloud have been added, and the entire app feels faster. Photos is the official replacement for both iPhoto and Aperture, but hard-core Aperture users will not be satisfied. For what it is—a newly designed app replacing the creaky old iPhoto—Photos is pretty good. But it’s very different from iPhoto, and for every whizzy new feature (iCloud Photo Library really can give you access to every photo in your library on every Apple device you own), there’s a familiar feature that’s been taken away.

Convert Libraries

Photos can convert iPhoto and Aperture libraries. The old libraries remain intact, so you can always bail out and go back to the old apps. You’ll lose any photos you’ve added to Photos in the meantime, so tread carefully.

• If you want to delete your old library after conversion, you can— but it won’t save much space.

• Hold down Option when launching Photos to choose from all available libraries.

What’s Changed

iPhoto and Aperture users will discover numerous changes:

• iPhoto Events and Aperture Projects are now Albums.

• Star ratings, colors, and flags are converted to keywords.

• Aperture Web Pages, Journals, and Light Tables are gone.

However, albums, faces, keywords, iPhoto projects, and location data remain intact.

Photos Interface

Most of the action in Photos takes place in one window, which you can navigate via a series of panes, or by opting to show a navigation sidebar.

• Images are automatically grouped together chronologically.

• Zoom in or out using the trackpad or by double-clicking to move in and clicking the Back button to move out.

• Photos automatically generates Moments, grouping photos taken close together in time.

Organize Photos

There are lots of ways to add organization to your images

• Mark an image as a favorite by clicking the heart icon.

• Use the Keyword Manager (Command- K) to apply keywords.

• Train Faces to find people.

• Use smart albums (File > New Smart Album) to find photos based on their attributes.

Sharing Photos

Photo provides many ways to share your images:

• Click the Share icon to share via iCloud, Messages, AirDrop, Twitter, FaceBook, and Flickr.

• iCloud shared albums can be shared with other Apple devices or via the Web.

• Display photos on your Apple TV via Home Sharing in iTunes on your Mac.

• Use the File menu to start building calendars, books, cards, and prints.

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