Something is wrong with your hard drive. Suddenly, that important presentation you were preparing for next week, the paper that’s due tomorrow, and your pictures from the vacation you took to Cancun last summer–you can’t access any of it. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. Understandably, you’re desperate to get your data back. But don’t try that DIY solution you found on an Internet forum just yet. There is a better answer.

At Mac Solutions Plus, we have pioneered a safe and cost-effective way to get your data backIt’s called hardware-software based data recovery.

What we do: We use specialized data recovery and software tools to communicate with your computer directly. Unlike software-based data recovery systems, our method doesn’t require an OS to “interpret” your computer.

Why it’s better than other data recovery methods: Working with your hardware using firmware allows us to do things that software-based data recovery systems can’t. For example, we can:

  • Disable corrupt hard drive features
  • disable bad or weak heads
  • Read (and re-read) the bad sectors off the hard drive
  • Avoid bad sectors on the hard drive.

Using software-based data recovery programs on computers with bad sectors can completely destroy your data, so being able to address problems with bad sectors is a huge advantage.

Our method also allows us to fix most firmware problems. The firmware on the hard drive is like the operating system on your computer. If the operating system crashes, the computer won’t function properly. Similarly, if the hard drive’s firmware becomes corrupt, the hard drive won’t function properly (it may “click” or it may not spin up at all). Because software-based programs can’t perform repairs on firmware, firmware problems are normally very costly to fix. But we can do them at a reasonable price with our cutting-edge approach. So coming to us with your firmware problems will save you money.

Hard drive problems can be scary, but if you bring your computer to us for help, they don’t have to mean losing your data forever. At Mac Solutions Plus, we know how to help, and we can do it quickly and cheaply. So next time you have an issue with your hard drive, contact us and your computer will be up and running in no time!