When a computer crashes your first thought is probably about the priceless images, videos and files that were saved to the computer. Very few of us print out our photos and even though we know we should back up all of our important information, it’s easy for even the most diligent person to forget to back up their data.

If you need to recover data from you mac, don’t take it to just anyone. The hard drive storage system on a mac is different from the one on a Microsoft computer. So, if you take your mac to a pc repair shop for data recovery they will not have the same experience and training to restore your valuable data from the hierarchical file system that all macs use.

Your data recovery does not have to cost thousands of dollars. Just bring your crashed mac or broken hard drive to us and we will give you a free diagnosis and quote. We’ve had great success recovering data from macs in all kinds of circumstances on OS8 to OS10.9 and more.

If you have a mac formatted external drive or usb memory stick we can also recover data from those for you. Don’t risk trying to recover the data yourself, some of the online software options and ridiculous “tips” people offer you online will actually damage your data instead of get it back for you.

Please contact us and find out how we can help you recover your valuable data. We have the experience and know how you need!