Once upon a time, clouds were something that kids would stare wondrously at on a warm summer day trying to make various animal shapes out of them. They were merely something that could burst open and create a storm that would ruin a baseball game, a walk with the dog, or a summer picnic. Now, however, clouds are virtual, digital workplaces. They store our family pictures, our iTunes, and perhaps most importantly; our work.

Box.net is quite simply a file sharing and collaborative work environment in the cloud. The less tech savvy among us can struggle with the thought of working in the cloud. It can seem too abstract. If that’s you, think of it as nothing more than a digital warehouse in cyberspace. What Box.net does is allow businesses to securely share files among customers, suppliers, and co-workers easily with a simple drag and drop interface from any computer or mobile device like an iPad or iPhone.

In addition to the simplicity of this service, Box.net also allows for the ability to share different levels of permission to different users. In other words, you have total control over who gets to see and change what in your documentation, based on the access that you grant each user. Tracking and reporting is also provided so that you always know when someone is uploading something or altering the files in any way.

What Box.net really does best is allow for a collaborative work environment without the need to get everyone involved with a project in a lengthy and torturous face to face meeting. It saves time, aggravation, and a lot of money in the very important bottom line. In short, it’s the way business is done today… in the cloud.

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