No need to call Apple first! As an Apple-Authorized Service Provider, MacSolutions Plus can handle all your Mac repair needs.

Just drop off your computer or laptop, iPod or iPad that are under warranty, and our Apple Certified Technicians will take care of you. Most repairs can be completed in only one business day, and no appointment is needed! Cracked screens, liquid spills, hard drive or RAM upgrades–no problem. We’ll keep your Mac running at optimum speed with preventative maintenance and updates, replacement batteries to keep your computer going when you need to keep going.

Lost those precious pictures of the kid’s fourth birthday, or that presentation for work? We can help with data transfer and data recovery. Not only that, we have rentals available to help you give that presentation on time, with no stress or worry. We also offer onsite service at your home or work, simply contact us to schedule and appointment.

Having software issues? MacSolutions Plus can help with Remote Service, which allows us to log in, diagnose, and fix software problems remotely over a secure Internet connection, no need to leave the house and come to the store!

Not local? No problem. We service and repair computers from all over the country, just ship us your computer, we’ll fix it and send it right back to you! So you can save time, gas, and money. Our long distance repairs can be done in just as swift time as our local repairs–just 24 hours–and we’ll immediately ship your computer back to you, insured by UPS.

Not sure if your computer is worth fixing? It’s a Mac, so of course it is! But if it’s an older model, we can advise and consult you over phone or email if you’re concerned that it’s not worth fixing. Or bring it down to the store and we’ll give you our honest technical opinion. Breathe new life into an old Mac with RAM upgrades, speeding web surfing, task completion, switching between programs, opening and running programs, and running the newest operating system.

MacSolutions Plus is here to help you with all your Mac repair needs, to help you save time and money.