One of the benefits of owning a Mac is its stable, elegant and powerful operating system, OS X. Coming this fall is the latest Apple Computer offering, OS X 10.11. Named El Capitan after the towering rock edifice in California’s Yosemite National Park, this successor to Mac’s own Yosemite will be available for (yet another) free download about October 2015.

Better under-the-hood performance

El Capitan comes with a new graphics core technology called Metal. Looking to speed up the OS X performance on older Mac machines, Mac promises an up-to-50 percent faster app launching and switching. For example, look for a quicker response as you load new e-mail into the Mail window as well as more agile PDF file viewing in the preview mode.

New interface, search, and Apple computer app tweaks

Wish you could work on two open apps side by side with each sharing half of the full screen? El Capitan has a new Split View that activates with the F3 key.

Additionally there are these:

Mission Control will show all open documents in relative position to each other and their associated application. If you need additional workspace, just drag the open document to the top of the screen into a new desktop space.

The Spotlight window now finds more and you can move it around on your desktop.

There are new photo editing and third-party photo extension tools.

Apps improvements (still free!)

The Notes App will accommodate checklists, photos, videos, web addresses and map locations.

The Map app will load major city transit routes and stops and forward them to your iPhone.

Mail and Calendar work even more closely for intuitive prompts to add new contacts and events.

The Safari browser will pin your favorite sites to the top tabs bar. If you have open multiple sites with a sound track you want to squelch, Safari’s new mute feature will ease the search.

So El Capitan’s improved performance, interface and apps features are definitely worth the time it takes for the free download and installation. If your Mac is ready for a tune up, memory upgrade or software tweak, contact us. We’re locally owned and totally dedicated to optimizing the Mac experience for you.