Every year, iPhone users hold their breath as they wait for the announcement of the latest and greatest iPhones. Dedicated Apple fans will immediately buy the next top of the line iPhone product on the day it comes out, every single time a new device is released. They also tend to keep their old phones in pristine shape and make a pretty penny selling them to the late adopters who are excited to hear about the new phones because they like to stay one generation behind and take advantage of the savings available in the second-hand market.

The iPhone 6s+ has many new exciting features to look forward to, including some fun innovations in the camera technology of the phone. It doesn’t look much different, but the aluminum is much stronger, so it won’t bend. It is actually aircraft-grade aluminum, so Apple was not messing around. The glass is stronger too, so it should hold up against minor drops even better. (We’ll still put ours in a case.)

A new feature called 3D touch gives the user more interactivity like a touch and hold feature.  It also responds to your touch with a slight vibration. So, different forces of touch can allow the phone to respond in different ways. We’re excited to see what app developers create with the new interactivity.

The new camera on the phone has 50% more pixels and more focus pixels which means it will auto-focus even faster. It also offers behind the scenes tech Apple has been fairly close-lipped about that should create more natural and beautiful photos. We can’t wait to see it, because iPhones are already known for taking amazing photos. The front camera is now a 5 megapixel camera, so your selfies will look more fabulous than ever.

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