Apple TV now offers a reasonably priced smorgasbord of viewer options that competes well with cable or satellite services. Remember the Bruce Springstein’s hit tune in the early 90s called 57 channels (and Nothin’ On)? The song satirized cable TV’s emerging tendency towards broadcast overload with no redeeming social value.

Now over 20 years later, the overload continues and the 57 channels have about tripled —  still with mostly “nothin’ on,” except 24-hour talking heads at CNN and a mind-boggling array of specialty programs with more commercials than content.

Then there’s the ever-increasing monthly subscription prices. Premium add-ons – $10 a month for high definition, more for DVR and much more for on-demand movies – have resulted in hefty monthly cable or satellite bills well over $100. According to one Huffington Post piece:

“Cable bills are already rising faster than inflation. Craig Moffett, an analyst at research firm Moffett Nathanson LLC estimates the monthly cost of a TV subscription has increased 32 percent over the past five years.”

If you find yourself watching more and more free network broadcasting, but still want more, there is an alternative to paying cable subscription fees. That would be the Apple TV box that plugs into your home WiFi network and streams great programming in high definition — no extra charge — to your television.

You pay one upfront reasonable price for the Apple TV unit and select from a menu of both free and – again, reasonably priced – subscription services, like Netflix or Hulu Plus, where for less than $10 a month you can dial up thousands of movies and popular television series reruns.

The archives on Netflix, for example, include many of the good quality cable series like Breaking Bad. If you’d prefer the more family-friendly offerings, Apple TV has a free PBS selection of archived entertainment, current events and educational programs better than any commercial-riddled cable offerings.

The Apple TV service has additional features, which compete successfully with cable’s pay-per-view schemes, and you don’t pay a monthly subscription just to access them. So come to our store and check out the sleek, far less expensive alternative to those 180+ cable and satellite TV channels you never watch. Contact us for pricing and availability.