It may seem like common sense, but to build products and services customers want, you first have to understand what they need.

Ram Charan, world-renowned business advisor, has this to say in his book, “What the Customer Wants You to Know.”

“What the customer wants you to know is how his or her business works, so you can help make it work better.”

The use of focus groups in your product development process can serve as an essential tool for discerning customer needs from a broad cross-section of your customer demographic.  Gathering a diverse set of voices not only allows you to capture a fuller set of requirements, but can also unlock points of collaboration and reveal room for process optimization between your customer groups.

Unfortunately, in-person focus groups are a costly commitment, and it may be difficult to get your key customers in the same room at the same time.

iMeet video conferencing is an elegant high-definition video meeting solution that will provide your customers with confidence that their voices and needs are vital to your business. iMeet support for mobile devices and multiple browsers ensures that you are able to easily connect with the widest range of your customer base from all over the world.

Recently, Read Ziegler, Managing partner & Founder of Vantedge Group, “the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration software and services,” announced their selection of the iMeet platform for facilitating focus groups:

“When we use iMeet to enable virtual customer focus groups, our ROI is measured in hard dollar savings. Traditional in-person focus groups can cost up to $6,000 each, depending on the scale, while focus groups conducted virtually using iMeet save us up to half those costs.”

Our experts at MacSolutions Plus are here to ensure that you are able to connect with your customers using state-of-the art computers with elegant software solutions.  To find out how you can harness the power of iMeet to reach your most important customers, contact us.