Simply launch the Mac App Store and proceed to the Purchases tab. Provided you are logged into your account, you will be presented with a list of applications purchased, along with their acquired date, and if they have been installed on your current Mac, or not. In the case of Operating Systems, such as OS X, you will only be presented with a download option instead of install. This is because the OS build can not be installed directly from the Mac App Store. It must be extracted and installed via the Finder.

Roll your mouse over the line that contains the application you wish to hide. Either right-click, or hold down the Control key as you click the mouse. This action will then present you with the popup menu as shown below:

App Store

Simply highlight Hide Purchase… and select this option. A further warning message will then be presented.

Hide App

Click Hide Purchase to continue. You will notice that the blurb within this window indicates that you can unhide the hidden purchase. This is a safety measure employed by Apple in case you change your mind about having access to a previously purchased application.

To unhide a purchase, simply proceed to your Account, via the Quick Links that can be found via the Featured, Top Charts, or Categories tabs.

App store Quick link

Upon selecting and entering your user name and password, you will then notice the section titled iTunes in the Cloud.

App screen

To unhide any of the hidden purchases, simply click on Manage.

iTunes in the cloud

You will then be presented with a list of the applications you have hidden. Simply click Unhide, and then Done to return to the Purchases tab. The application you selected to unhide will once again be shown in the Purchases tab.

Similar functionality is also available for the iOS App Store. Although, it is not available directly on your iOS device. You will need to launch iTunes, proceed to the store, and select Purchased from the Quick Links banner.

When you are in the purchased area, proceed to Apps and roll the mouse pointer over any app that you would like to hide. You will notice an ‘x’ will be presented in the top left hand corner of the app icon.

App Icon

Click the ‘x’ to hide the app. Unlike the Mac App Store, iTunes will not give you a warning.

Should you wish to unhide this purchase, simply log into your account, via iTunes, and proceed to iTunes in the Cloud. Then click on Manage.

App Screen

When the next screen is loaded, you will be able to unhide the specific app.

Restore App

It is important to note that you can also hide, and subsequently unhide, any purchase from iTunes in categories that include Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, and Books. Hidden content will be removed from view on all your iOS devices as well. When you unhide, they will show up again within the Purchases area of the App Store icon. This also happens for the Mac App Store should you have multiple computers attached to your account.

Please note: The application will not be removed from your Mac or iOS device, if it is already installed, by using the above methods.

If you would like more information about managing your digital purchases, including how to back them up, please drop into the store to discuss your specific requirements with our staff.