Data recovery can sound like a scary process. There is no need to be afraid if you have an expert take care of the recovery process then you have the best chance of saving your important data.

What to Avoid

When you know that your hard drive is no longer working it is a stressful time. The first thing you need to do is make sure it is actually broken. Some people say that hard drives making noise are dying. However, computers can make loud noises at times and there can be logical explanations. Make sure there is no debris in the computer.

If your hard drive is still making a lot of noise it does not mean it is necessary failing and the data is gone. Depending on which brand it is and what the noise is like it might require new parts. These issues are a simple repair so before you buy a new drive, get it checked out.

Another big topic in hard drive recovery is whether your drive needs a “Level-3” clean room repair. If you ask a person who is not a data recovery expert, you could lose thousands of dollars on an unnecessarily hard procedure that is not guaranteed to work.

Feel free to contact us first if you suspect your data might be at risk. We will be able to help determine the correct course of action and save you money. Do not trust someone who is not an expert with your data – your data is irreplaceable.