Graphic designers and digital artists have been creating incredible design and fine art on digital tablets for decades. The industry standard for creating digital art has always been the Wacom tablet, but with the announcement of the Apple Pencil all of that is about to change. Even though artists have always loved the features and usability of tablets designed just for art, they hate that they must have a large cumbersome tool that takes up a lot of space and has only one purpose.

If the Apple Pencil can deliver the professional art creation we are expecting, having a separate tablet just for art creation will quickly become a thing of the past, because artists will be able to do everything on an iPad Pro that they used to do on a Wacom tablet or similar device.

The Apple Pencil has the thin, natural feel of a regular pencil, and it detects the amount of pressure the artist uses, the angle at which they are holding the pencil, and of course the position of the pencil on the screen.

The real make it or break it feature of a smart stylus like this is how immediately the screen responds to the pencil. For exceptional art to be created, the user has to feel like the effect of drawing with the Apple Pencil is absolutely immediate. When the iPad Pro detects that a user is using an Apple Pencil, it scans 240 times a second for input from the pencil, so the user experiences zero lag.

Artists and designers everywhere are really excited to get their hands on the new Apple Pencil. If you can’t wait to come try it out for yourself, please contact us, and we will let you know as soon as we have it in store.